About B. Campbell Custom

B Campbell Custom was founded by Brandon Campbell. Brandon, a native of Savannah, GA has loved fashion for as long as he can remember. As Brandon grew into adulthood, he struggled to find the perfect fit from “Off-The-Rack” suits.

Those suits would need so much work to be done. Another concern was the quality of the fabric. Most “Off-The-Rack” suits are not made with quality material because of mass production to save on cost. The more he learned about fabrics, canvas and construction of garments, the idea was born.


Let's not go through the same disappointment of buying “Off-The-Rack” and having to replace it due to color fading and improper fit.

In 2022, he discovered his own custom garments had some flaws that he knew he could directly change. He found himself getting frustrated with making a decent investment into custom, but waiting an eternity to get them back and a number of other concerns. After establishing relationships with some top textile companies, it wasn't long after wearing my own brand that demand grew to get things made for clients. Whether someone is looking to make their investment in their first suit, frustrated with the fit, or wants their own unique look, Brandon understands it. Brandon is going to change your thought process of suits make you knowledgeable of what you are wearing! 

With B Campbell Custom your suit will fit perfectly to your desired fit and measurements. Book an appointment with B Campbell Custom to create your first custom suit. The investment in a custom suit, will change your look and keep you away from department stores. 

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Elevate Your Style
By taking full control in your design and by investing in quality items.
Transform Your Wardrobe
Refresh your look by investing in one piece at a time while building your wardrobe for longevity.
Raise Your Confidence
By wearing garments that are designed to fit your direct body measurements.

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